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Links Magazine Reviews Kingsley Club

Two high-rolling businessmen gambled on an unknown architect and came up aces with this spiritual descendant of the classic Crystal Downs. Ed Walker reached for his coffee cup on a gray winter morning. He pulled the newspaper close and angled it so the fireplace’s dancing flickers might better illuminate an intriguing real-estate ad in the classifieds.

Walker was looking to bring a private sanctuary to Northern Michigan’s resort-golf frontier. He had played enough of America’s storied clubs to know exactly what he wanted. Components would include 18 thoughtfully designed holes, of course, and appreciative playing partners who would enhance the experience. Fine cuisine and drink would mesh with clubhouse ambience to add even more luster. The clubhouse would include a golf library. The layout would be so pastoral that on the chance a man wanted to get in a quick nine before dark, his dog could accompany him and the scene would appear quite at home with this golf club’s ethic.

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